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low survival rate of Dendrobium anosmum from embryo culture

From: (Norberto R. Bautista)
Date: 19 Apr 1999
Time: 06:06:54
Remote Name:


I would like to post a question. I have been flasking Dendrobium anosmum (cane orchid) using Knudson C media plus coconut water, banana homogenate, 20 g/l sugar and Nitsch & Nitsch vitamin stock ... and they are quite healthy inside the bottle. Also, almost 100 % of the seeds survived when shown in vitro. However, when the time comes in planting them outside the bottle, they all dry up and die. Why is it so? Is the problem related to photoperiodism (we are only using an 8 hours flourescent lamp in the culture room)?. How can I harden such a seedling.

Thanks in advance!

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