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Re: dracula culture

From: Simon M. Wellinga, Heerenveen, The Netherlands
Date: 03 May 1999
Time: 06:15:43
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Yes, I have. Pollinating Dracula species is just a matter of having good eyes (or a magnifying glass) and is furthermore pretty straightforward. It is my experience that Dracula-species are self-incompatible. As regards pollinating Gongora-species you have to know, that before applying the pollinia to a given stigma, the pollinia of that particular flower have to be removed some 1-2 hours before. Unless the pollinia of a flower are removed, the stigma is closed and almost unrecognizable. Only after pollinia have been removed, the stigma opens up as a narrow slit in which the pollinia can be put. Even then, your maneuvering skills will be challenged, since pollination is not easily done. Seed maturation may occur within 45-60 days (G. claviodora). All Gongora-species are self-incompatible and need to be cross-pollinated.

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