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Re: Phalaenopsis species - white fungus

From: Natasha Simpson in Egypt
Date: 07 Jun 1999
Time: 22:28:16
Remote Name:



You say you have this orchid in a tank under high humidity and temperature. I assume that in order to get the high humidity you must have the tank covered. Have you always been doing this with all your orchids? Well I am far from an expert but those condentions of high moisture, high temperature and no air movement are eutopia for fungi. If it really is a fungus then you might not want to cover the tank so as to allow air movement. If the fungus is really bad you may want to get a fungicide fron your local agriculture store. Make sure it's a fungicide that works well with orchids or you may damage the plant.

Good Luck, Nats

P.S. Thank you Jamaica OS for such a wonderful site! I hope that it grows more popular and that more people would visit. Ricardo, great site design! And I too would much prefer to be growing in Jamaica than here in Egypt. It's so darn hot here sometimes, especially now that it is summer. Take care all.

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