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Lavender orchid vine

Date: 20 Jan 2000
Time: 14:04:07
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I hope someone can help me with the identification of an orchid. My husband and I recently returned from Jamaica and while there we saw numberous gorgeous orchids, but on in particular has been hard for us find information on. It was a vine, if there are such a thing as an orchid vine, with ruffled lavender blooms that had a white throat outlined by a darker purple (if memory serves). We were staying at Sandals Ocho Rios, if that helps. If anyone can tell me the name of this orchid and/or where I may be able to order one, we would deeply appreciate it. Also, if anyone knows where we can order an orchid tree, we would appreciate that as well. We live in Austin, Texas, USA and would need to grow these plants in a greenroom. Thank you for your time and attention to my posting

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