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Why do spikes shrivel on healthy, mature dendrobium farmeri ?

Date: 18 May 2000
Time: 19:52:56
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I have a mature, healthy dendrobium farmeri, which I purchased this winter from Petite Plaisance orchids, a vendor I highly recommend for species. It has a nice site on-line. I grow it outdoors in Palo Alto CA. Right now, nights average 50, and days average 72. It gets lots of bright light including direct sun. The leaves show no adverse effects. I kept it dry until April, but have stated watering it with warmer days and nights. It did get a real dry winter rest. It also gets lots of breezy, fresh air, of moderate humidity. It is dying to bloom, and is putting out lots of incipient spikes. However, when they get to about one-eighth inch, they yellow and stop. Interestingly, I think the vendor may have had the same experience, because the plant came with older nodes that had obviously never made it. Could the problem be too much light? Did I begin watering too soon or possibly too much? Can an orchid be a “lemon”? Thanks

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