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Green Man cool with orchids garden plan

From: Geoff Fahey
Date: 16 Jul 2002
Time: 12:49:51
Remote Name:


Green Man Garden Plan Hello, Please allow me a couple of minutes to introduce to you a high profit, garden oriented business idea which in the right hands will provide a steady income for life. This plan is ideal for teenagers and their grand-parents individually or as a joint effort. I am a trained figurative sculptor with a keen interest in the garden. I have noticed that the majority of garden sculpture falls into only a few categories, pseudo-classical, amusing, bad, etc. There is I feel room for the quirky. The sculpture I create would not look out of place in an ancient Roman courtyard or maybe Gormenghast, though it has a strong Celtic vein running through it. The rough plan is to mail original sculpture to a number of people worldwide, say with a 300 mile radius or population based exclusion zone. You then make a mould of the original and sell as many of the casts as you will. There are ten pieces to choose from in the current collection and one new piece will be offered every fourteen days until you get sick of making money. If you donít have the faintest idea about mould-making it will be explained in detail, in the simplest of language, literally anyone with use of their hands and a modicum of good sense can do it. if you are a mould maker or manufacturer of statuary then youíll know that the prices Iíll be quoting are excellent, to give you an idea you would need to sell only six and youíre breaking even. It is perfectly feasible to produce and sell six within twenty five days of receiving a plaster original. If you are interested in the concept and would like to see a sample of my work please reply to: I look forward to your queries, all will be answered. Regards Geoff Fahey

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