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Cacti in Jamaica

From: Ulf Eliasson, Botanical Garden of Gothenburg, Sweden
Date: 17 Jul 2002
Time: 11:14:19
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Dear Sirs, I manage a collection of cacti at the Botanical Garden of Gothenburg, Sweden and I wonder if someone might help me get living specimens of some of the Jamaican native species? It has been very hard to get Jamaican specimens so I hope someone out there can help me or direct me to someone who can. As this material will be used scientifically I'll need to know where the plants originally where collected in the wild. The cacti I'm seeking for are (following C. D. Adams - Flora of Jamaica (1972). Selenicereus grandiflorus - Queen of the Night A climbing or crawling cacti with large white, nocturnal flowers. commonly growing on trees and rocks. Hylocereus triangularis - God Okra or Prickle Withe Your native pitahaya, with usually triangular stems and large white flowers. However, not to be confused with the commonly cultivated H. undatus - the Red Pitahaya. Loally common in thickets and on large old trees. Disocactus ramulosus Stems flattened, leaf-like - flowers tiny, whitish. Fruits a whitish berry. Disocactus alatus Stems flattened, leaf-like - flowers small, whitish. Harrisia gracilis - Torchwood dildo Shrybby cactus 2-6 meters. Large, white flowers, nocturnal. Fruits yellow. Mainly southern coast. yours sincerely Ulf Eliasson Ulf Eliasson Botanical Garden of Gothenburg Palm House Epiphytic Collection Carl Skottsbergs Gata 22 A S-413 19 Göteborg Sweden

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